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Goya, Carrière & The Ghost of Buñuel

By José Luis López-Linares

« "It is with great emotion that we rediscover the magical langage of the late screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, as he researches the painter Goya. An incredible trip through culture, emotion, cinema, painting and Spain." » - Festival de Cannes

New film

1341 Frames of Love & War

By Ran Tal

« The events and wars he doggedly pursued with his Leica camera have become internationally known, iconic images. He became a member of the celebrated Magnum collective, co-founded the International Center of Photography in New York with Cornell Capa, and his photographs have graced countless covers of the world’s major magazines.
» -

« Israeli war-photographer Micha Bar-Am looks back on his nine eventful decades in Ran Tal’s persuasively admiring documentary.
» -
Screen Daily

New film


By Shamira Raphaëla

« A 14-year-old kid living in one of Rotterdam’s roughest estates, but blessed with boundless talent, entrepreneurial savvy and a ton of teenage charm. » - Business Doc Europe

« One of the most joyful and endearing documentaries of the past few years... » - International Cinephile Society


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