New film

The Treasures of Crimea

By Oeke Hoogendijk

New film


By Shamira Raphaëla

« "A 14-year-old kid living in one of Rotterdam’s roughest estates, but blessed with boundless talent, entrepreneurial savvy and a ton of teenage charm." » - Business Doc Europe

New film

Mary-Jo Will See You At 4

By Camille Ponsin

New film

Women of Valor

By Anna Somershaf, Tal Barda

New film

The Forgotten Ones

By Michale Boganim

« "Michale Boganim’s Film Is A Personal Reflection On The Discrimination Of Mizrahi Jews" » - The Playlist

« “The Forgotten Ones is a profoundly personal film that highlights a historical plight that has often been overlooked." » -


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