Urban Distrib - In the Tracks of – Special Edition
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In the Tracks of – Special Edition

By Pascale Cuenot 2018 Documentary 01h32

The Soundtrack Collection is a documentary series dedicated to films composers.

This unpublished documentary, IN THE TRACKS OF (Special 10 Years Edition) gathers the testimonies of those composers whose portraits we made: Gabriel Yared, Maurice Jarre, Georges Delerue, Lalo Schifrin, Bruno Coulais, Alexandre Desplat, Jean-Claude Petit, Francis Lai, Mark Isham, Jean-Michel Bernard ….

Confidents of the greatest filmmakers of the last forty years, we discover their mission, through the evolution of the film industry and how they became essential to make a film.

With the participation of Jean-Jacques Annaud, Jacques Audiard, Caroll Ballard, Bertrand Blier, George Clooney, Alain Corneau, Frank Darabont, Jodie Foster, Adrian Lyne, Moby, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Volker Schlondorff, Peter Weir.

Vancouver IFF 2020 

Director: Pascale Cuenot

Production year: 2018

Runtime: 01h32

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