Kate Nash Underestimate the Girl

By Amy Goldstein 2018 Documentary 01h29

At 18, Kate Nash reached the stratosphere of pop music, vaulting from a working class family in North London into worldwide tours, a platinum record.
A few years later, Kate is breaking down, defrauded by her manager and dropped by an industry that cannot find a place for her in the girl-pop machine; Kate sets out to build a better world, dedicated to the artist as creator, not commodity, and using, as she always has, the uplifting power of online culture and her own authentic voice. She pursues acting as another form of artistic expression (and way of making a living) and lands a part in the TV series GLOW.

Punk renegade, TV wrestling queen, and DIY leader of an all-girl band, Kate’s journey is an inspiring call to the creative heart in all of us: be fearless.

Los Angeles IFF 2018

IDFA 2018

Amsterdam Intenational Documentary FF 2018

Cleveland IFF 2019

Minneapolis St-Paul IFF 2019

Sheffield Intenational Documentary FF 2019

Munich Intenational Documentary FF 2019

Soundtrack Cologne 2019


Guadalajara IFF 2020

« Amy Goldstein's documentary about the multi-talented star already has enough ammunition against a rotten industry to propel it, and then it gets a heartbreaking twist. » - Screen Daily

« A new documentary, about the British singer-songwriter’s struggle to reassemble her pop career » - The New York Times

Director: Amy Goldstein

Production year: 2018

Runtime: 01h29

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