Paris Style Architecture, Saison 1 & 2

By Christophe Kilian, Amandine Ceccaldi 2015 Documentary 03h28

11th District Industrial Architecture
During this episode, we will discover the industrial architecture in the 11th district of Paris, whose evolution followed, overt time, and the evolution of material and building techniques.
The analyses of these buildings will allow us not only to understand a specific kind of architecture but also the history of this laborer district and his work memory. We will show that the industrial heritage leaved an important mark on the 11th but this trace isn’t at all frozen but it is something that lives through the craftsmen who always work in the district and the inhabitants who engage to transform ancient work places to residential buildings but always keeping the industrial aspect of the area.

Original title: Architecture à domicile

Directors: Christophe Kilian, Amandine Ceccaldi

Country: France

Production year: 2015

Language: French

Runtime: 03h28

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