The Man Who Saved the Louvre

By Pierre Pochart, Jean-Pierre Devillers 2015 Documentary 01h00

At the dawn of World War II, a group of resistance and arts lovers organizes an incredible exfiltration of masterpieces of the Louvre Museum in order to save it off the Nazis’ hands. The man leading the operation is Jacques Jaujard, the Louvre Museum’s director. Jaujard is a man who made a mark in his time by his extraordinary personality, love and passion for the arts. Although he was a high officer and devoted servant to the State, he put his knowledge of the system, strategic and incredible audacity to serve a universal cause: to save the national heritage.
Jaujard epic journey is the great escape of thousands of masterpieces at risk and a unique face of the French resistance. The film tells this important and overlooked chapter of in France history, combining interviews, rare archival footage, including Jaujard personal notebook, supported by a dynamic narration. Animated sequences of the protagonist will be embedded in archives and footage all shot in situ. This form of representation is in line with the elegance of a very quiet hero who, like all discrete ones, managed to remain under the radar.

Original title: Illustre et inconnu : Comment Jacques Jaujard a sauvé le Louvre

Directors: Pierre Pochart, Jean-Pierre Devillers

Country: France

Production year: 2015

Language: French

Runtime: 01h00

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