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Tomorrow’s Freedom

By Sophia Scott, Georgia Scott 2022 Documentary 1h37 and 1h00

A portrait of Marwan Barghouti, the « Palestinian Nelson Mandela », serving five life sentences in an Israeli prison while predicted to become the next Palestinian president. The relentless struggle of a people fighting for freedom, justice and peace. 

“Marwan Barghouthi is one of those rare historical figures who really could change the course of history.”

Brian Eno, 2022

Sheffield DocFest 2022 

« Sophia Scott and Georgia Scott’s film may well be straightforward in tone and structure but this takes nothing from the strength of this provocative and compassionate story. » - Business Doc Europe - Mark Adams

Original title: Tomorrow's Freedom

Directors: Sophia Scott, Georgia Scott

Country: UK

Production year: 2022

Languages: Arabic, English

Runtime: 1h37 and 1h00

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