Whose Country

By Mohamed Siam 2016 Documentary 01h00

Whose Country? is a documentary that explores some of the most widely reported root causes of the 2011 revolution in Egypt: police brutality against civilians and repression within the society by the security forces of the State. It does this through various interviews with low-ranking police assistants1 and through observational footage of these men at work, in conversation with one another and in daily life.
Filmed from when ex-President Mubarak stepped down from office in 2011 until the removal of ex-President Morsi in 2013, the film enters into this world through members of a single policing unit who, combined, have proven well positioned to speak about prisoner injustice, police abuse of civilians and widespread corruption within the police force itself.

Director: Mohamed Siam

Production year: 2016

Runtime: 01h00

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