Zaha Hadid, an architect, a masterpiece

By Carine Roy 2016 Documentary 00h52

One of the most famous architect in the world, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004.
Since then, she multiplied astonishing projects: museums, towers, bridges, opera houses, stadiums.
The Heydar Aliyey Center of Baku in Azerbaijan, selected “Design of the Year” in 2014, expresses a new kind of space in the city. Showing us curves and secrets of this last amazing achievement, this documentary comes back on the career of one of the most ambitious artist of her time.

Original title: Zaha Hadid, une architecte, une oeuvre

Director: Carine Roy

Country: France

Production year: 2016

Language: English

Runtime: 00h52

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