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By Pascal Garnier 2021 / 2023 Documentary 01H30

‘A Hip-hop Minute’ returns to 1986 New York and it’s iconic rap artists, and picks up where classic Dutch TV documentary ‘Big Fun In The Big Town’ stopped.
In ‘A Hiphop Minute’ we revisit the same hiphop artists and New York, 35 years later. We are curious to find out what happened to them, how they look back and what their life looks like today. They see this movie as an opportunity to tell their story and preserve their legacy.

Starring LL Cool J, DMC, the Def Jam crew

Original title: A HIP HOP MINUTE

Director: Pascal Garnier

Country: Belgique

Production year: 2021 / 2023

Language: Anglais

Runtime: 01H30

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