New film


By Shamira Raphaëla

« A 14-year-old kid living in one of Rotterdam’s roughest estates, but blessed with boundless talent, entrepreneurial savvy and a ton of teenage charm. » - Business Doc Europe

« One of the most joyful and endearing documentaries of the past few years... » - International Cinephile Society


The Dying of the Light

By Peter Flynn

In production


By Maxence Voiseux


Living the Light – Robby Müller

By Claire Pijman


Deep Blues

By Robert Mugge

« "An expert, guided tour of those areas of the Deep South where old-time blues music flourishes, the film visits backwoods juke joints and urban honky-tonks where the music, often performed with antiquated technology, lives on as an everyday expression of people's lives." » - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

« "Loaded with performance and history, "Deep Blues" is deep indeed." » - Richard Harrington, Washington Post