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Goya, Carrière & The Ghost of Buñuel

By José Luis López-Linares

Country: France-Spain-Portugal

Languages: Français, Espagnol, Anglais

Original title: L'Ombre de Goya par Jean-Claude Carrière

Casting: Jean-Claude Carrière

Production year: 2022

Runtime: 90

Production company: Mondex & Cie, Zampa Audiovisual, Lopez-Li Films, Fado Filmes

In his last journey, screenwriter Jean Claude Carriere returns to Spain and talks to us about the painter, Francisco de Goya, that he always admired (and to whom he dedicated a film, The Ghosts of Goya with Milos Forman).

Very quickly, personal memories begin to emerge. Buñuel and Surrealism obviously, but also how Goya anticipated modernity, not only in the pictorial sense but also on the topics covered that preoccupied him: war, migration, disability (Goya was deaf), the ‘’little people’’ and above all, the stigmata of a mad world.

Goya, as Malraux said, was the last of the Classics and the first of the Moderns.
Travelling to Goya’s key places, diving into his abundant work, the filmmaker José Luis López- Linares (Bosch: The Garden of Dreams) and Jean-Claude Carrière, one of the most prolific scriptwriters of all times (Belle de Jour, That Obscure Object of Desire, Valmont, At Eternity’s Gate) invite us on a journey into human genius.

With the support of Creative Europe

Festival de Cannes 2022 – Cannes Classics

Kerala International Film Festival 2022

Vancouver International Film Festival 2022 – Arts Series

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2022

Molodist Kyiv Film Festival 2022

« "It is with great emotion that we rediscover the magical langage of the late screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, as he researches the painter Goya. An incredible trip through culture, emotion, cinema, painting and Spain." » - Festival de Cannes