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Mary-Jo Will See You At 4

By Camille Ponsin 2022 Documentary 94'

Somewhere in Paris, in a small living room with old-fashioned charm, an old lady awaits a visit. For a long time, she was an ethnologist, specialist of the region of Darfur, a country that has never left her. The visitors she receives diligently, day after day, do not come there for tea. What they are looking for is the crucial help that only this 90-year-old woman can give them. All have black skin, all have haggard eyes, all are survivors of the genocide that has struck the populations of Darfur since 2003. Drawing on her knowledge of Sudan, Marie-José can authenticate their stories and thus allow them to obtain political asylum in France. During each visit, the old lady’s apartment then becomes the closed doors of an intensely truthful exchange…

FIPADOC 2022 – French documentary competiton

Original title: Marie-José Vous Attend A 16h

Director: Camille Ponsin

Country: France

Production year: 2022

Language: French

Runtime: 94'

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