Living the Light – Robby Müller

By Claire Pijman

New film

1341 Frames of Love & War

By Ran Tal

« The events and wars he doggedly pursued with his Leica camera have become internationally known, iconic images. He became a member of the celebrated Magnum collective, co-founded the International Center of Photography in New York with Cornell Capa, and his photographs have graced countless covers of the world’s major magazines.
» -

« Israeli war-photographer Micha Bar-Am looks back on his nine eventful decades in Ran Tal’s persuasively admiring documentary.
» -
Screen Daily


In the Tracks of – Collection

By Pascale Cuenot, Rémy Boudet


Kate Nash Underestimate the Girl

By Amy Goldstein

« Amy Goldstein's documentary about the multi-talented star already has enough ammunition against a rotten industry to propel it, and then it gets a heartbreaking twist. » - Screen Daily

« A new documentary, about the British singer-songwriter’s struggle to reassemble her pop career » - The New York Times


Maiko: Dancing Child

By Åse Svenheim Drivenes