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The Prophet and The Space Aliens

By Yoav Shamir

Country: Israel, Austria, South Africa

Languages: English, French

Production year: 2020

Runtime: 1h26

What is the difference between a cult and a religion? Why is it easier for us to accept the story of a man who talked to a burning bush than it is to accept the story of a man who received a prophecy from extraterrestrials? Had there been documentaries about celebrated prophets made during their lifetimes, what kinds of uncomfortable secrets would’ve been revealed?

Upon receiving a mysterious invitation, award-winning director Yoav Shamir recruits one of the world’s leading historians of religion, Prof. Daniel Boyarin, as his mentor and sets off on a thought-provoking, humorous quest that takes Shamir from Rael’s beautiful home in Okinawa to his sleepy hometown in France; from the Raelians’ “pleasure hospital” in Burkina Faso to the growing Raelian communities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Chicago IFF 2020

Odessa IFF 2020

CPH:DOX 2020

Fantasia FF 2020

DocAviv 2020

DocEdge 2020

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020


« A surprisingly thoughtful documentary about faith and true believers » - Screen, Tim Grierson

« Rael makes for a jaw-dropping figure » - Cineuropa

« One can't deny the loony spectacle of the whole thing, and some scenes ... must be seen to be believed » - Boston Hassle

« Colourful, curious, thought-provoking and really funny » - CPH:DOX