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The Little Mozarts

By Guillaume de Ginestel

Country: France

Languages: French, English

Production year: 2019

Runtime: 00h53

Production company: French Connection Films

In the suburbs of Paris you can find the most unique school in all of Europe. For the last 20 years, this public school has implemented a special project to their curriculum: learning violin. At Guy Moquet Primary School, 400 children of diverse economic backgrounds take classes twice week to learn the violin. Here, violin teacher Marie-Laure Paradis shares her passion for music with each of the 400 children, whom she knows by name, and introduces them to a variety of tunes to be performed at a grand end-of-the-year concert.

We follow the story of five children, and discover a place where students and teachers respect and listen to each other, united around the same artistic project. Most specially, this project allows children in difficult situations to uncover their hidden potential and thrive. All thanks to the violin, Lucas, affected by the departure of his mother, regains a foothold in his studies. Armando, whose Romanian mother doesn’t speak French, begins to embrace his new culture. Martin overcomes his dyslexia, Nazad gains the confidence he lacks, and Lizzie can channel her boundless energy.

As the day of the concert approaches, will the children be ready in time? This is the last year before Marie-Laure’s retirement, and her colleagues have prepared a surprise she will never forget.