New film

Goya, Carrière & The Ghost of Buñuel

By José Luis López-Linares

« "It is with great emotion that we rediscover the magical langage of the late screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, as he researches the painter Goya. An incredible trip through culture, emotion, cinema, painting and Spain." » - Festival de Cannes

In production

Welcome to Norway

By Karianne Berge


Icarus Balance

By Patric Jean

New film

The Sit-In

By Yoruba Richen

« ''The Sit-In’ Examines a Unique Moment in TV History When Harry Belafonte Hosted ‘The Tonight Show'' » - Variety, Jazz Tangcay

« "A Must Watch" » - Indiewire, Tambay Odenson


The Black Power Mixtape

By Goran Hugo Olsson