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The Quest For Tonewood

By Hans Lukas Hansen

Country: Norway, The Netherlands

Languages: Italian, Bosnian, English

Production year: 2021

Runtime: 01H30

Production company: Norsk Fjernsyn AS

In the Balkan forests, one might find maple trees worth their weight in gold. This magical wood could create a priceless musical instrument; a violin as prestigious as an original Stradivarius.

Gaspar Borchardt, a violin maker, is on this mission since he biked through Bosnia in his twenties and found the most perfect tree he has ever seen. He couldn’t bring the wood back then but will find it again now and create this instrument for the world-famous violinist Janine Jensen.

The Quest for Tonewood is a treasure hunt and a human adventure in the world of classical music.

With the support of Creative Europe

Human International Documentary Film Festival 2021 (World Premiere)

Hot Docs 2021 (International Premiere)

Fribourg International Film Festival 2021

Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2021

El Gouna International Film Festival 2021